Public Records Request (For any records not related to a Superior Court case)

The Superior Court in Pinal County complies with the provisions of Arizona Supreme Court Rule 123, Access to Judicial Records of the State of Arizona. Pursuant to Rule 123, public access to some court records may be redacted, restricted or expanded in accordance with the provision of the rule, or other provisions of law. Requests will be processed in a timely manner, usually within five (5) business days; the requesting party will be provided an explanation for any requests that are delayed or denied.

If you are requesting Court Case Records, specific to a Superior Court case, please submit a Request for Court Records Form through the Clerk of Superior Court here: Request Court Records

Pursuant to A.R.S. ยง39-121.03, I certify hat the records(s) are requested for non-commercial purposes:

If the records are to be used for commercial purposes, specifically state those purposes:

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