Pinal County Superior Court Mission

Motto "accessible to the world" Latin: Accessum ad mundum


Pinal County Superior Court’s mission can be determined by focusing on three (3) questions:

1.  What do we do?
2.  Whom do we serve?
3.  How do we serve them?

Our Mission, therefore, is “Administer justice, in a Respectful, Efficient, and Fair (REF) manner”.

That is the purpose of the Superior Court, to Referee between the parties, and apply the rules of law in a Respectful, Efficient, and Fair manner. We do this for all people, citizens, and residents of Pinal County.


It is our vision to provide ease of access for all people to the Courts and Judicial Systems of this county.

One means to accomplish this vision is through the expansion of the Courts Video Conferencing systems. We have worked extensively to ensure that wherever the people are, they can reach us.

      That is why Pinal County’s Superior Court’s motto is “Accessum ad mundum” Lat. “Accessible to the world”

It is our vision and goal to make the courts accessible to all!

Additionally, we align our vision, with the direction the Supreme Court of Arizona has taken by working on the specific goals they have outlined:

Goal 1:  Promoting Access to Justice
Goal 2:  Protecting Children, Families, and Communities
Goal 3:  Promoting Judicial Branch Excellence and Innovation
Goal 4:  Enhancing Professionalism Within Arizona’s Courts
Goal 5:  Promoting Public Trust and Confidence

Pinal County Superior Court, and the Supreme Court of Arizona are working together, focusing their attention on the people, citizens, and residents of this state, ensuring that all have access to the Court, the Court systems, and its processes.