Honorable Ellie Brown, J.P.

Precinct Judges
Title: Precinct 5 Judge, Copper Corridor Justice Court
Phone: 520-86-7475
Ellie Brown

Born:   - 

Education:   Judge Brown holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Administration and Management, Certification of Public Management, twice attending judicial orientation through the Arizona Supreme Court and countless hours of mandated judicial education hours through the Arizona Supreme Court and Superior Court.  

Legal:  Judge Ellie Brown was successfully elected as Justice of the Peace for the Pinal County Justice Court, Copper Corridor Justice Court, Precinct 5.  

She is a life-long resident of Pinal County and has served in several capacities throughout her 31-year tenure with Pinal County Government, starting in 1991.  Judge Brown has a vast knowledge base within the court and administrative fields serving as a twice-appointed Justice of the Peace, Judge Pro Tempore, Director, Judicial Liaison, Court Computer Field Trainer, Administrator and Manager. 

Ellie was also appointed in June of 2022 to serve as Presiding Magistrate Judge for the Town of Superior, AZ by the respective Superior Town Council.

Former Member:   - 

Present Member:   - 

Family:  Judge Brown is married with three adult children and three granddaughters.  She remains very active in her hometown of Oracle as well as the surrounding communities.  She enjoys playing piano, singing, reading and spending time with family and friends.  She is a life-long learner, believes in hard work, dedication and in making a difference.


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