Request for Default


Your case will be reviewed to ensure it meets all requirements and you will be contacted by Conciliation Court to schedule a Default Hearing. After submitting the form, if you are not contacted within five business days, please call 520.866.7387. You must have all of the information below available when you call.

  Case Type:      Do you need an Interpreter?:


If Yes, what language

Date Petition was Filed:

Date the Petition and all associated documents were served on the other party:

  Type of Service:   
Date the Application and Affidavit of Default was filed and mailed to the other party

Date the Petitioner completed the Parent Education Class if Case is with Children
  Has at least 61 days passed since the respondent was served? (91 days if service was by publication):

  Has at least 10 working days passed since the Affidavit and Application for Default was filed and mailed to the other party?:

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