What should I take with me to the default hearing?

If a default hearing is set for you, you must completely fill out the paperwork and take your final divorce papers with you to your hearing. Your final divorce paper is called a Decree of Dissolution.

Bring to following papers to your default hearing:

Dissolution / Legal Separation / Annulment

Completed Decree of Dissolution, Legal Separation, or Order of Annulment and 2 copies

If You Have Requested Spousal Maintenance

Order of Assignment and 2 copies

If Your Case Involves Children

  • Parent Information Program Certificate if it has not already been filed
  • Signed Parenting Plan and 2 copies
  • Completed Child Support Worksheet and 2 copies
  • Order of Assignment and 2 copies
  • Completed Judgment Data Sheet
  • Wage information/pay stubs for both parties, and other financial information such as
  • childcare costs, medical insurance premiums, etc.
  • 9 by 12 envelope addressed to the other party with 3 standard current postage stamps
  • Copy of any prior Child Support Orders
  • Birth certificates for the children

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