What is the Probation Officer’s role?

The core tenets of juvenile probation are:

  • Protection of the community
  • Belief that juveniles can make positive changes in their behavior
  • Fostering law-abiding behavior
  • Restitution to victims and society for the wrongs committed against them
  • Preservation of the best interest of the child
  • Stability of the family unit

Probation Officers meet with juveniles and their families to perform assessments and research their family and social history.

Probation Officers are responsible for making regular visits to juveniles’ homes to make sure that they are following conditions set by the Court. They also work closely with each juvenile and their family to change or eliminate behavioral issues. If a juvenile does not comply with his or her court order, the Probation Officer must then provide recommendations to the judge for alternate sentencing or treatment. Each juvenile on probation receives a case plan addressing their individual risks and needs.

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