What is the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court?

In Arizona, the Superior Court exercises jurisdiction over juveniles 8 to 17 years old who have been processed through the juvenile system for either delinquent or incorrigible acts. Children under the age of eight are considered dependent regardless of the nature of the act committed and individuals 18 and older are considered adults (A.R.S. Section 8-201.13).

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1. What is the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court?
2. What is a delinquent act?
3. What is an incorrigible act?
4. How does a juvenile get referred to the Court?
5. What is diversion?
6. What is a petition?
7. What is a dismissal?
8. What is the Probation Officer’s role?
9. What is Standard Probation?
10. What is Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision (JIPS)?
11. What is the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC)?
12. How do I get my juvenile records destroyed?