DCS Services

Based on initial and ongoing assessment, DCS will require parents engage in services best suited to meet their needs and address the safety concerns that brought the family into a dependency. A parent's meaningful engagement in the required services assigned is a significant factor when deciding to reunite a family in a dependency. 

If there is a barrier preventing you from engaging in a service, make sure to discuss that barrier with your DCS Case Manager and your attorney, they can work with you to update your service plan to address those barriers.

Family Connections (FC) is a trauma-informed and empowering service, provided to families in the context of their own communities and cultures. Family Connections provides change-focused interventions to achieve core outcomes of improved social support, family functioning, family resources, child well-being, parenting attitudes and behaviors, and management of parenting stress. FC is grounded in the following practice principles:

  • Community outreach
  • Family assessment and tailored interventions
  • Developing a helping alliance and partnership with the family      
  • Empowerment    
  • Emphasizing strengths   
  • Cultural competence    
  • Developmental appropriateness      
  • Outcome-driven service plans    
  • Positive attitudes and qualities of helpers
Dependency Services