Working with DCS

Keeping in Contact with DCS

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. trusted messenger
  • Make sure your voicemail is set-up and your mailbox has space for new messages
  • If there is a time in the day when you are more likely to be available, share that with your dependency team or leave that information on your voicemail.
  • Click here for information to access a free phone

If you have been unable to connect with your case worker, call your DCS Field Office, Pinal County offices are under the “Northeast Region” or call the DCS Family Advocate at 877-527-0765 or 602-364-0777

Investigators respond to reported concerns of child abuse and/ or neglect. A dependency is found when a parent cannot adequately parent or protect their child.

  • Make sure to stay in contact with the DCS Investigator
  • Ask lots of questions, make sure you know what is going on. Even if your child is removed, you can still be your child’s best and most-informed advocate. 
  • If you are working with any outside agencies to help you or your family, make sure the investigator knows and has their contact information. Knowing that you are already receiving supports may help you. 
  • An investigator may be able to remedy the situation with additional supports, which may prevent your child from being removed. If you are struggling with managing a situation, work with the investigator to troubleshoot and find a solution.
Working With DCS