Types of Hearings

  • During the Preliminary Protective Conference everyone has a chance to meet the other parties in the case and determine if there are agreements on where the child will be staying (placement), how the parents will have time with the child (visitation), and the services and tasks in the case plan. 
  • Immediately after the Preliminary Protective Conference, the parties go before the judge for the Preliminary Protective Hearing. During this hearing the Court enters temporary orders for placement, visitation, and for the case plan. In addition, attorneys are appointed, parents admit to or deny the reasons stated in the petition, and the parents are given notice of their rights and their responsibilities in a dependency case. 
  • If parents believe that there are not sufficient grounds to keep their child out of their home, they can ask for a temporary custody hearing. During a Temporary Custody Hearing people testify and then the judge decides if there are sufficient reasons to affirm the taking of temporary custody.