PreTrial Services

General Overview/Purpose

Pretrial Services is a county-funded department that conducts assessments and makes recommendations to the Court regarding release decisions. Pretrial Monitoring tracks compliance and provides case management to assist defendants in reporting to court and meeting the terms of their court-ordered release conditions.

Overview of Pretrial Monitoring

If a person is released with pretrial monitoring, that person will be required to report to pretrial services for an intake. Ideally, this will be done immediately following release, or on the next business day. The defendant will be required to complete a questionnaire that includes demographic information, as well as collateral (family) contacts and employment information. The defendant will meet with a pretrial officer, who will review the expectations of the court and discuss any special requirements of the defendant’s pretrial release. The defendant is required to immediately report any changes to their contact information, address, phone number, employment, etc. The defendant will be required to report in person and/or telephonically, as directed by the pretrial officer. The defendant will report to the pretrial officer after each court hearing. Reminders will be sent to the defendant of upcoming court hearings. This will be done through text, phone calls, or email. Criminal history checks will be conducted to ensure that there is no additional criminal activity occurring.