Probation Court Services

Presentence Investigations

In most Superior Court cases, after a defendant enters a plea of guilty or is convicted by trial, the Court may order a Presentence Report. Presentence Probation Officers within the Court Services Unit of the Pinal County Adult Probation Department will meet with the defendant and their attorney (if requested) to gather case and defendant information (including data from risk assessments and statements from involved parties) to produce the report. A report is provided to the sentencing judge to assist with making a sentencing decision. A report copy is also provided to the victim (if applicable), defense and prosecution.

Pretrial Services

After a person is arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail for allegedly committing a criminal offense, the Court determines release conditions at the Initial Appearance (IA) for that individual while the charges are pending. Probation Officers assigned to Pretrial Services provide information to the Court, including criminal history and the Public Safety Assessment (PSA). The PSA, a validated risk assessment, is used to identify the person’s risk of reoffending and the likelihood of attending future court hearings if released.  

Individuals on Pretrial supervision must meet with a pretrial officer, who will review the expectations of the Court and discuss any special requirements of their pretrial release. The defendant will be required to report in person or telephonically, as directed by the pretrial officer. The defendant will report to the pretrial officer after each court hearing. Reminders (via text, phone, or email) will be sent to the defendant of upcoming court hearings. Criminal history checks will be conducted to ensure no additional criminal activity is occurring. Pretrial Monitoring tracks compliance and provides case management to assist defendants in reporting to Court and meeting the terms of their court-ordered release conditions. Electronic Monitoring, which includes a monitoring device to record the person’s movements, is used for high-risk individuals while they await trial.