Diversion is a voluntary process in which juveniles with the following referral types may be diverted from formal Court action: status offenses, misdemeanor offenses, miscellaneous City Code violations, and other offenses that the County Attorney determines are eligible for Diversion for resolution.

Juvenile Probation Officers assigned to Diversion are responsible for scheduling interviews with juveniles and parents to determine whether formal court action is necessary. If the juvenile takes responsibility for the complaint, the matter can be resolved in Diversion, which is outside the formal Court process.

Consequences are given and a specific deadline for completion is determined. The consequences can include but are not limited to community service, monetary penalty, counseling, and educational classes.

If a juvenile denies the charge or fails to complete the assigned consequences, the referral is then sent to the County Attorney for review to determine if formal charges are necessary. It is up to the County Attorney to determine if the juvenile will need to appear in Court.

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