Judicial Officers

Superior Court Judges

Read about the Judges and Commissioners hearing cases in Pinal County, AZ.

  1. Honorable Joseph R. Georgini

    Honorable Joseph R. Georgini

    Superior Court Presiding Judge

  1. Honorable Kevin D. White

    Honorable Kevin D. White

    Superior Court Associate Presiding Judge Probate

  1. Honorable Steven J. Fuller

    Honorable Steven J. Fuller

    Superior Court Judge

  1. Honorable Daniel A. Washburn

    Honorable Daniel A. Washburn

    Superior Court Judge

  1. Honorable Jason R. Holmberg

    Honorable Jason R. Holmberg

    Superior Court Criminal Presiding Judge

  1. Honorable Delia R. Neal

    Honorable Delia R. Neal

    Superior Court Juvenile Presiding Judge

  1. Honorable Robert C. Olson

    Honorable Robert C. Olson

    Superior Court Civil Presiding Judge

  1. Honorable Patrick K. Gard

    Honorable Patrick K. Gard

    Superior Court Family Presiding Judge

  1. Honorable Jessica K. Dixon

    Honorable Jessica K. Dixon

    Superior Court Judge

  1. Honorable Danielle Harris

    Honorable Danielle Harris

    Superior Court Judge


  1. Honorable Lawrence M. Wharton

    Honorable Lawrence M. Wharton


  1. Honorable Karen F. Palmer

    Honorable Karen F. Palmer


  1. Honorable Jamie R. Ramirez

    Honorable Jamie R. Ramirez


  1. Honorable Matthew S. Reed

    Honorable Matthew S. Reed


  1. Honorable Kelly Neal, III

    Honorable Kelly Neal, III


Justice Court Judges

  1. Honorable Shaun Babeu, J.P

    Honorable Shaun Babeu, J.P.

    Associate Presiding Justice of the Peace / Precinct 1 Judge, Pioneer Justice Court

  1. Honorable John Ellsworth, J.P

    Honorable John Ellsworth, J.P.

    Presiding Justice of the Peace / Precinct 2 Judge, Casa Grande Justice Court

  1. Judge_tarango

    Hon. Eugustino "Tino" Tarango

    Precinct 3 Judge, Central Pinal Justice Court

  1. Honorable Lyle Riggs, J.P.

    Honorable Lyle Riggs, J.P.

    Precinct 4 Judge, Western Pinal Justice Court

  1. Ellie Brown

    Honorable Ellie Brown, J.P.

    Precinct 5 Judge, Copper Corridor Justice Court

  1. Kelly Gremmel

    Honorable Kelly Gremmel, J.P

    Precinct 6 Judge / Apache Junction Justice Court