Child Support & Enforcement

Parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children. Under Arizona laws, the amount of child support is determined by a formula known as the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are based on several factors including each parent’s gross monthly income, the number of children involved, any children either parent has from other relationships, parenting time days, and expenses related to the children such as medical/dental/vision insurance, daycare, and some educational expenses. (Equal parenting time does not necessarily lead to no child support as all of the above factors are considered.)

The Court can deviate from the Child Support Guidelines if there is good reason to do so. The Court may approve the agreement of the parties to deviate from the guidelines if the parties can show how the deviation is in the child(ren)’s best interest. Either parent can request to modify child support if there is a substantial and continuing change in circumstances, such as a significant increase or decrease in either parent’s income, or a major change to the parenting plan.

Visit the Child Support Calculator website.

Support Enforcement

If you are receiving any State benefits for your children such as AHCCCS, food stamps, cash assistance, etc., the Arizona Attorney General’s Office may be involved in the Child Support aspect of your court matter. This is called a IV-D case and it means that a representative from the Attorney General’s Office will be a party to your case and will have input into Child Support matters. If you have questions about this you may contact your local DES office or email the Attorney General’s Office.