Criminal Courts

Early Disposition Court

Early Disposition Court, or EDC, is a court session separate from traditional court sessions. EDC attempts to bring criminal cases to resolution with the fewest possible court appearances. The goal is to make the criminal justice system more efficient, but still, protect the rights of all parties involved. All parts of the criminal justice system work together and share information as much as possible.

Probation and Restoration Court

Probation and Restoration Court (PRC) handles all matters post sentencing. This court primarily focuses on probation matters and the restoration of rights following the completion of a sentence.

Specialty Courts (Drug Court/Mental Health Court and Veterans Court)

Specialty Courts are problem-solving court strategies designed to address the root causes of criminal activity by coordinating efforts of the judiciary, county attorney, public defender, probation, and treatment providers.  Together they maintain a critical balance of authority, supervision, support, and encouragement.  Specialty Court programs are rigorous, requiring frequent court appearances and structured phases of treatment and program services.