Human Resources

Superior Court Human Resources Mission Statement

To be a proactive and strategic partner with departments of the Court in terms of how to recruit, manage, reward, and develop employees so that we can most effectively support the Court's strategic priorities.

What We Do

Our responsibility is your employment. We have the answers to your questions and can offer the help you require, regardless of your level within the Court.

As Human Resource professionals, we are focused on creating practices that allow employees to contribute their best and realize their full potential. We are committed to being a strategic partner with all Court departments and serving as change agents in an effort to build a dynamic and highly effective organization. Court Human Resources is committed to providing excellent customer service to employees, supervisors, and management.

Our Purpose

Court Human Resources provides and coordinates consultative services for employees, including managers and supervisors. Our purpose is to promote an environment where all employees:

  • Are treated fairly and respectfully;
  • Communicate with one another;
  • Establish mutual trust and acceptance;
  • Contribute and are fully involved in their work;
  • Understand and are committed to Court's mission; and
  • Work together as a team to provide equal access to justice for the citizens we serve.